Museum of Conspiracy


A Conspiracy Museum
Coming Soon, Opening 2019
New York City




Future Exhibits

Every exhibit will be unbiased and take a hands-on approach so that you have to think for yourself. See the “official” story, put that story to the test, and then explore the alternatives. You decide what is most likely.



Explore the most fascinating assassination plots you have ever and never heard about.


Are we alone? What evidence shows that we have had visitors in the past…present?



Was the moon landing really staged? Interact with this controversial event like never before.



Is there more behind war than meets the eye? Climate Change? Come see the dots connected.



What role does the big screen have on shaping the world that we live in?

Secret Societies

Athletes, actors, billionaires, politicians, and musicians… Is there really a global elite that rules us all?



Take a journey through the mysteries of religion (ancient artifacts, corruption, untold tales).


You name it

The Museum of Conspiracy is for you, so why don’t you tell us what you would like to see!


At the Museum of Conspiracy, we want to encourage our visitors to start questioning the world around them by creating interactive, unbiased, and expertly-crafted exhibits that spark the imagination. The Museum of Conspiracy will be known as the place where conspiracies live. We are currently seeking passionate strategic partners to bring this vision to life.



Only conspiracy museum in the world
75% of Americans believe in at least one conspiracy
$21 billion museum industry in the United States
8.5 million New York City residents and ~60 million annual visitors
Numerous opportunities for company growth (expansion/online presence)
Successful experiential marketing – “Conspiracy Wall”

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